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Selanik Cd No:20/A, 06430 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +98
Postal code : 06430
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Selanik Cd No:20/A, 06430 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Arash Haseli on Google

About Künefe: It is Turkish Desserts, speciakky Dessert of Middle Eastern Country. But Today, this delicious cheese sweet is known famousky to this country. Turkish Künefe is the Hot and Cheesy Southeastern Dessert and can be found in "Hasan Usta Restaurant" in heart of Ankara, KIZIKAY. In adition This restaurant serving many delicious kebab! Künefe is made with cheese, and shredded Kadayif noodles, soaked in sweet syrup. If you want travel Turky, you must absolutely try this sweet cheese pastry!!!? It has a very well balanced combination of cheese and sugar, so it’s not heavy and you can even ask for a second plate!!! ? What makes this dessert different from other syrupy desserts is that it must be eaten hot, right after it is cooked. Also, The quality of cheese inside is pretty significant to reach this perfection. It must be an unsalted melting cheese so that it complements sweetness of the desser
Nima Noshirvani on Google

Good place but remember that you have to wait for table in afternoons
Yahya Dalati on Google

They have good variety, delicious dishes and deserts, I've visited them few times and flies was the only annoying thing, they are buzzing all the time and keeping busy not enjoying your food.
Sondos Abulhaija on Google

Nice resturant good variable menue tried their juice and sweets and next day had my breakfast there before leaving ankara to Cappadocia ?, it is tied in my mind with one of the most important and turning points in my life so it is kinda special place to me that ill keep visiting every time I visit Ankara ?
ahmed almalmi on Google

In general, the taste is ok, but there is still better choices in the city. It still has amazing service, kind waiters. It deserve a visit if you are to be in Kızılay square.
Daoyu 087 on Google

Great service, delicious food, reasonable price.
Hani alssmael on Google

I just tried the food It is so delicious and recommended Acli etli makarna is not spicy but delicious
Lia on Google

You must visit this place, at least 1 time lol seriously it's good place to have dine in brunch or just hangout with a friend accompanying with dessert and ice creams. Next to shopping place it strategically located in Kızılay. Like the dessert, prices are reasonable, and great staff members.It was the first restaurant I've visited. The baklava is delicious, in one of the shopping areas in Çankaya - Ankara they have traditional and non traditional sweets and cakes. What i love the most this place is Non smoking area woohoo!! They serve Turkish coffee and tea. Have a try!

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