Starbucks - Tunalı Hilmi Cd. No:119/A

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Tunalı Hilmi Cd. No:119/A, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +989
Postal code : 06680
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City : Çankaya/Ankara
Description : Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

Tunalı Hilmi Cd. No:119/A, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Amirhossein Nazari on Google

The atmosphere is great. The internet is great. But the prices (like all Starbucks branches) is high and of course people can find better places to drink.
Mel Burslan (Nomad) on Google

It is the same ho-hum experience one can expect from Starbucks. Overpriced drinks and food. The lack of extra stars is because of the store atmosphere. Whoever thinks running the heaters full blast when it is chilly outside, must be insane. You sit down to drink your coffee and you are drenched in sweat and you walk out to the cold weather. Perfect conditions for getting sick. And the seating situation... drives me nuts at this place. One person holds up 3 tables and 7 chairs, for her friends who are coming, god knows when, while the rest of us scramble to find a place to sit.
Ali Dawani on Google

Too crowded maybe cuz its in the downtown
Deniz Demirbas on Google

rubbish smallest toilet and hygen , they should clean more and update their toilets ..
stdio on Google

classic. not so small place or huge. They have moderate capacity
Hakan İÇDUYGU on Google

The one and only in Didim. ? The staff is new, they are getting a grip of it. Place is a little off from Altinkum Beach region, more in downtown area.
Ehsan Diary on Google

Normal quality of coffee, good atmosphere for spending time
Amin Sh on Google

I've been here multiple times, My favourite is the strawberry Frappuccino. It is usually not too busy here which is a huge plus, but more importantly the cashiers and baristas are professional and kind. They always have a smiling face which helps you have a positive experience. They can also communicate in English! The only negative thing I can say about this place is that the snacks at the cashier desk are very overpriced, but other than that everything was perfect for me.

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