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Mado için misafirleri eşsiz birer mücevherdir. Her bir misafiri değerli ve özeldir. Siz misafirlerimiz düşüncelerinizle yolumuza ışık tutabilir, eleştirilerinizle bize yön verebilirsiniz.

Dikkatimize sunmuş olduğunuz her detay, alınan her duyum, hizmet ve ürün kalitemizi yeniden değerlendirmek için bir fırsat olup, markamızın gelişimi için atılan adımlar adına çok değerlidir.

Markamıza göstermiş olduğunuz ilgiye ve bizimle paylaşma hassasiyeti gösterdiğiniz fikirlerinize çok teşekkur ederiz.

Ücretsiz Danışma Hattı: 0800 535 10 01

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Aşkabat Cd. 14/A, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +97
Postal code : 06490
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Aşkabat Cd. 14/A, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Suleyman Haluk Karatas on Google

Decent place, famous for ice-cream and huge range of desserts. Turkish breakfast..
niloofar dehghan on Google

Very clean. Everything fresh. Free wifi. Nice interior space. Many option to choose.
Dorsa Khormali on Google

Everything was well, except for waiters constantly coming to our table and looking at us as if they were asking us to leave if we don’t wanna order anymore.
Robin Turner on Google

Good ice cream. Prices are a bit steep.
Gokhan KORALTURK on Google

Decent place when you visit in a not so crowded time. If it is crowded then employees can not service you in an acceptable time. Food is mostly OK. Compared to other Mado branches though, I would pass this one.
Federico Marchetti on Google

Very good hand made chocolate!!
Sahin Qaraxanli on Google

We had breakfast there and were totally disappointed at pretty much everything: 1) Half of the items delivered were either old or not really worth it (why would anyone eat 5-6 jam options?). 2) It was noted inside the text somewhere that the price is per person (which is not a common thing), so we were charged for twice the price of breakfast menu at the end. On positive side: 1) It was clean and everything was tasty-ish 2) Waiters weren't pestering (to force you out asap) 3) They happily took care of a few requests
Esin Hezer on Google

Great ice cream, baklava and traditional Turkish tea.. What makes ice cream unique here is, despite the ice cream has a very hard nature and you have to cut it with knife to eat, it melts in your mouth immediately.. Pistachio one is extremely tasty.. Highly recommended..

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