Öz Mersin Ciğerci Bahattin - Emek - Bişkek Cd. No:68

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Bişkek Cd. No:68, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 06490
Website : http://www.cigercibahattin.org/
Categories :
City : Çankaya/Ankara
Description : Unassuming restaurant offering traditional skewers & baklava, plus classic seafood dishes.

Bişkek Cd. No:68, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Piotr Gradziński on Google

very good food, great atmosphere, extra personnel, 100% worth recommending!
Jennyfer Lee on Google

Great food! Best Skewer meat ever had in Turkey! Friendly staff and cozy environment
خالد علي احمد الورشفاني on Google

One of the best places in Ankara. if you are hungry and a food lover, just take a taxi and give it a go! God! food is unbelievable.
Stacy Stevens on Google

The food is amazing, specially the liver. I don't like hot eggplant, so they bought me an eggplant without chili. When you leave your tip to the waiter, give it directly in his hand. Otherwise the waiter won't take any money. I left a tip to my waiter because he was so attentive and warm, but he said it wont be with him because I gave it together with the bill payment. If you like liver and around this area, why not? It is always full but they can find you a seat if you have four 5 minutes.
Can “Vcon” Sırıklıoğlu on Google

Well we were overpriced for talking in english , ? so i dont feel like to do any other comment ,
Ersin Cam on Google

Great place to eat out! Very attentive and friendly staff. Great service. Highly recommend.
Patrik Bandúr on Google

Very fast service and very huge meals, you will leave this place super full and happy because of the amazing taste of food. I might recommend tavuk şiş, they do it very well and the portion of it is bigger than in other restaurants. The price-service-taste relation is reasonable.
Putri Amalina on Google

Loving my first experience of eating turkish food here. Always order their ciğer and adana kebab

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