Çorbacı Hasan Usta Ali'nin Yeri - Esat Cd. 75/A

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Esat Cd. 75/A, 06660 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +9878
Postal code : 06660
Website : https://corbac-hasan-usta-alinin-yeri.business.site/
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Esat Cd. 75/A, 06660 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Aleksandra Mac on Google

The most delicious turkish food I've ever eaten. Wish I had place like this in Europe. Best service, the waiter was really helpful and always smiling.Highly recommend this place ;)
Mohi Nura on Google

I come to Turkey from Dubai and I visit amazing place and teste dishes in çorbaci Hasan usta resturant the servis is perfect i really like it thanks for the kindness ???
Nesa MS on Google

I tried famous soup. It was really delicious?? Staff was kind and helpful. Hope to go back again ??
imran lila on Google

Fantastic restaurant, a definite must try. They start you off by preparing a salad in front of you and placing it on a thin sheet for you to enjoy. It's accompanied by a few small sampler dishes of of raw meatball, yogurt, and eggplant. The soups are delicious and flavorful, the kebab was tasty and well portioned. With your meal your served a basket of toasted bread that is perfectly charred and yellow in color. They have a machine that I can only describe as a fountain producing fresh ayran, never seen anything like that before, it was extremely refreshing and a perfect addition to my already great meal. I enjoyed my first experience so much that I went back to eat the next day.
AldosWorld TV on Google

This place is a 10/10!! I paid $5 for this entire plate It was soo good and cheap I had to order another meal of chicken kabobs Bless locals haha
Pablo E. on Google

Best price for value meat in the area. Totally recommend for travellers on a budget and hurry.
CRD ArabGaming on Google

Çorba was super delicious and the wings too!! Nice service reasonable prices definitely recommend.
Johannes P. on Google

My favourite restaurant in Ankara. The food is so delicious. The price is fair. And it's clean. Staff is also good. I highly recommend this place. I mostly liked the lamb sticks and head soup.

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