Chocolabs Ankara - Aşkabat Cd. No:6-B

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Chocolabs Chocolate Coffee – Çikolatanın Sanata Dönüştüğü Mekan -

Taze çikolatanın kokusunun dalgalandığı nezih bir ortamda her güne ayrı heyecanla başlanan bir mutluluk var.

Maharetli ustaların ellerinde şekillenen taptaze lezzetler, farklı tatların mutluluğuyla başlanan yeni bir gün var. Çikolatanın verdiği mutluluk hazzıyla tadı damağınızda kalacak bir gün dileriz.

Kendisine ait reçeteleriyle oluşan ürün yelpazesiyle geniş bir menüye sahip olan Chocolabs taptaze ve sıcacık lezzetleri ilk günkü heyecanla sofralarınıza getiriyor. Sizlerin keyifli ve lezzetli bir gün geçirmesi için Chocolabs’a her zaman bekliyoruz.

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Address :

Aşkabat Cd. No:6-B, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +97788
Postal code : 06490
Website :
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Aşkabat Cd. No:6-B, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
sheila devi on Google

Below average beverage
Furkan Kutlu on Google

Desserts were really delicious. I lost myself while eating. Their staff was very nice too
mehmet umut taşkafa on Google

Taste is really good.. But before you go you need to remember.. You can wait more than 30 minutes for your order... Other than that... Its a cozy place with little bit above average prices...
Sema Karaca on Google

Coffee was good and the desserts were magnificent but service was too slow.
n i n a. on Google

İ come with my friends thinking is was a good place but they take more than 1 hour to bring or dessert and tea, and the dessert was cold, also the personal was so mean, they the things so rude and unrespectful when we was eating.
Ghaith Ayadi on Google

Great place. Very comfy seating and by far the best playlist Ive heard in Turkey (old school rock). They have great menu options if you have a sweet tooth. Good internet as well. I've deducted one star just because of how noisy the place is on a Tuesday afternoon. It was nearly full
Sara on Google

The food is delicious, the service on the other hand is horrible. The waitress would overlook foreign customers on purpose. Her tardiness and low-key racism is absurd. She would walk right next to us seeing our hands and hearing us calling for her attention and would just pretend she did not see or hear multiple times until we call for someone else. Regardless of the food, I dont recommend the experience at all.
Monika Akar on Google

This place became a dissapointment. We ordered a dessert and a coffee we waited about 30 minutes, and they still didn't bring it. We complained 2 times and after that they only started to make out coffee. My mum ordered a filter coffee with Brazilian beans. She got a Americano mixed with turkish coffee. We had to cancel a dessert. There's no customers, very slow service, bartender is talking and counting money...we've been to this place many times and we never had a this experience. This is the last time, i wanted to show this place to my mum who is visiting me from different country and I'm honestly embarrassed. This place used to be good, but I will not come again. They lost a loyal customer, so ? don't come here go to a different, friendly place.

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