Kukla Kebap - Dr. Sadık Ahmet Cd. 21/A

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Dr. Sadık Ahmet Cd. 21/A, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +98
Postal code : 06520
Website : https://kukla-kebap.business.site/
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Dr. Sadık Ahmet Cd. 21/A, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Tolga Hatunoglu on Google

You can find one of the best iskender kebap here. This place is one of the oldest iskender restaurant in Ankara even though they relocate from their old location. You and your kids can enjoy the puppet show while you enjoy your food
Longtail on Google

Relatively cheap compared to other restauranta around and that maybe its only saving grace. Food was bland and the wait was too long. Taste was nothing to write home about. But if you are looking for food don't want to walk half a mile for other and better places around, it'll do.
Chankra on Google

The food was super good.
Aydin Koken on Google

Great restaurant with good food and service. The reason why they’ve named it kukla is because they have puppet shows for the kids. First time in a while I’ve been to a place like this where I could actually eat in comfort whilst my child played with a lot of joy in the little playground.
Glacey Gap on Google

Food is good very tasty, service is fast, and the place is clean
Atahan Babahan on Google

The iconic Iskender Kebap Restaurant famous for its traditional puppet theatre. The taste is as old and moerate as the service. If you are extremely sensitive for hygiene, stay away from this restaurant and its toiletes which are very old, too. If you are a local taste gourmet, then definitely pay a visit because you will face with a number of questions about this restaurant upon your return. Recommend to give it a try.
berk celikyurek on Google

It looked clean and service was good. Food was very bland. Unfortunately we ended up with upset stomach later. I would avoid this place.
Dr. Erdal OZKAYA on Google

It’s a very nice restaurant with good service The food is tasty The staff is helpful Parking on site with vale makes your day less hectic Prices are fare No complaints at all , enjoy your food Kukla Kebab will satisfy your taste buds , and not hurt your wallet Enjoy

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