Unique Burgers - Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cd 7-A

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Basic menü ve soğan halkası denedik.Her şey ev yapımı evet;gayet güzel ve taze görünüyordu fakat lezzet olarak görüntü kadar hitap etmedi bize.Burgeri sulu ve güzel görünüyordu fakat lezzet zayıftı.

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Address :

Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cd 7-A, 06450 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 06450
Website : http://www.uniqueburgers.com.tr/
Categories :
City : Çankaya/Ankara
Description : Unpretentious establishment offering creative burgers, homemade pickles & from-scratch sauces.

Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cd 7-A, 06450 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Esra Yılmaz on Google

Might be Best burgers and fries in Turkey and no exaggeration these people know what they're doing
Pınar on Google

Delicious!? I am a fan of this place. Price/performance rate is reasonable! I definitely recommend you to try??
Deniz Ulaş on Google

Best place to eat homemade hamburger in Ankara. Ideal for a quality lunch, dinner.
Oğul Başol on Google

I really enjoyed the place. Top3 most delicious burgers in Ankara. Sauces are tasty, burger bread is fresh. I think consumption cycle is 3 days which is fairly good. I tried unique burger and also chicken burger. Chicken was good, coleslaw could have been better but its still very good. Meatball recipe is also very good, yet the only thing I felt not fitting was the given weight of the meatballs. Unique burger is allegedly 180gr, however the one I ate was no more than 140gr. It is a little bit smaller than stated as seen in the picture. Consider my hands for scale. Bottomline: highly recommended.
Mert Akça on Google

When the hamburger came I first thought it may be small for me, but it was SO delicious I regret that thought. The sauces have intense flavor (try mayo with garlic), and the burger was well made and the ingredients gave a unique taste.
Altay Aydın on Google

This is the place to eat burgers. I tasted Unique Burger and it was amazing. A bit soury with the red cabbage sauerkraut but not a problem at all for me. Helpful people and fast service inside. I'd definitely go again for trying the others.
Fatih Kucukpetek on Google

May be best after bilkent hotel restaurants’ burger. You can tell how to cook te meat. Not so much drink alternatives. Only standard coca cola beverages. Barbeque sauce was delicious. Try biggie and blue as you can not test these in other burger stores. May be fried potatoes can have alternative shapes and cookşng styles. The mac and cheese is a very good side dish. As it is self service it may be crowded in lunch and dinner tümes. No parking space available for the store and no valet parking also.
Art Art on Google

The fries have a good taste, the meat is yummy, for brioche buns needed to work more. If you visit Ankara is good choice for lunch or dinner.

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