Cezzar Steakhouse - Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cd. No:35 D:C

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Ülkemizde uzun süre tarım, hayvancılıkta tecrübe ve deneyimli kadrosuyla yola çıkan Cezzar Steakhouse Ankara'nın Balgat semtine ve Yıldız semtine etkileyici dekoru, menüsü ve personeli ile sıcak bir aile ortamını misafirlerine sunmayı ilke edinmiştir. Misafirlerinin memnuniyetini yüksek seviyede tutan Cezzar, insan sağlığına hassasiyeti, doğaya karşı sorumluluğunu bilerek hareket etmektedir. Ürettiği tarım ürünlerini ve en kaliteli gıda malzemelerini misafirlerine sunarken hijyenden ödün vermemektedir. Gıda güvenirliği alanında tüm gelişmeleri takip etmektedir.

Cezzar kelimesinin anlamı, "ilk Osmanlı kasabı" anlamına gelir. Biz, Cezzar Steakhouse Balgat ve Cezzar Steakhouse Yıldız olarak siz değerli misafirlerimize daima doğru servisi ve kaliteli menümüzü sunmak üzere Lezzetin ve Etin Başkenti'nde hazırız.

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Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cd. No:35 D:C, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +9877
Postal code : 06520
Website : http://cezzarsteakhouse.com/
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cd. No:35 D:C, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Zakieh Shirafkan on Google

Words cannot describe the amazing people who work here. We were there for my husband's birthday and the staff made it an unforgettable one with their smiles and generosity. The food great and the chef made sure everyone in our party was happy. I totally recommend this place.
Yunus Emre Polat on Google

I advise salad with Lor cheese. It is as delicious as their steaks.
Casey Carnnia on Google

i really like this place and promise to come back on future trips to Ankara. the staff were most helpful and made our day. food was supper delicious. these guys know what they are doing. if you can decide what to have simply let them choose the menu for you. there is also a crazy delicious burger with caramelized onion "winner winner", - it is a specialty item. i wish i had one in my hand right now. it looks like a burger but it is something different and supper fresh and delicious.
Mosaab Algekhleb on Google

Wooow ! I definitely suggest going there for food lovers Cheder fume is outstanding Dana rips is delicious Just go there and enjoy
Salar K on Google

The staff are really nice and helpful. You get a very good service. I have been here once with my family, we tried the T-Bone, dallas steak, and cezzar special. The meat is really good here but I highly suggest the juicy Dallas Steak.
Haider Ali Tariq on Google

Extremely courteous staff. Great prices The Meat Spaghetti strips were probably not made from the highest cut of meat but the burger was juicy, well cooked, and balanced. Will visit again 9/10
Abdulrahman Abdulmunem on Google

This is one of my favorite places in Ankara for both burger and steak. Also, don’t forget to taste the hot dogs. I can even swear that I didn’t tast such delicious hotdogs unless when I visit Cezzar rest :) highly recommended
Ahmed Samy Gadalla on Google

The food is great the price is so suitable.. think of nusrt menu but will affordable prices

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