Uludağ Et Lokantası Gaziosmanpaşa Şubesi - Kırlangıç Sk. 12/B

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About Uludağ Et Lokantası Gaziosmanpaşa Şubesi

2012 yılının başında açılan Uludağ Et Lokantası Gaziosmanpaşa şubesi, şehrin merkezinde, doğa ile baş başa kalabileceğiniz yeşillikler içindeki bahçesi, geniş ve şık salonları ile hizmet vermektedir. Gaziosmanpaşa Yeşil Vadi şubesi toplam 300 kişilik iki ayrı salonu mevcuttur. Salonlardan biri slayt ve projeksiyon gösterisi yapılmaya ve özel toplantılar için ayrılmaya uygundur. 350 kişilik bahçe ise yemyeşil ağaçlar içinde havuz ve şelalelerle donatılmıştır.  Uludağ Et Lokantası Gaziosmanpaşa şubesinde çocuklar için çok geniş ve eğlenceli, açık ve kapalı oyun alanları ve özel otoparkı ile alışılmış lezzet ve kalitesini misafirlerine sunmaktadır.

Contact Uludağ Et Lokantası Gaziosmanpaşa Şubesi

Address :

Kırlangıç Sk. 12/B, 06700 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 06700
Website : http://www.uludagkebap.com.tr/
Categories :
City : Çankaya/Ankara

Kırlangıç Sk. 12/B, 06700 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Pandu Raharja-Liu on Google

Amazing dinner experience. Professional staffs. Selection is a bit limited but everything is perfectly executed!
Dr. Halil Can Gemalmaz on Google

One of the best bursa döner kebap places all over Turkey. The restaurant is a chain but this location is the best.
Onur Ozsan on Google

Perfect döner. Covid free. Outdoors heating is very efficient.
Zeynep Akkas Caglar on Google

Uludağ is famous with their Iskender ( fine cut grilled lamb with hot tomato sauce and melted butter over pieces of pita bread. Yoghurt is also a sider). I also love their patio, you can enjoy your meal outside in the garden
firuz hatunoglu on Google

Everybody thinks this place is a doner house ,.....yes Here they serve the best Doner kebab in Turkey but there are a lot of very tasty dishes à well. Try to taste as ma non y as you can ,salads, eggplant paste,mushrooms,hot chi i tomato ? paste, stuffed dolma cooked olive oil Etc..
Belgin Savaci-Clissold on Google

Located in a park, it has a spacious outside and inside area. It is famous for its İskender, but it has variety of mezes and other meat dishes. It has a play area for kids, prices are reasonable and it has good service.
Ali Khan on Google

This is the original in Ankara. They still have original brach in Ulus. But this location is much better traffic, parking and ambiance wise. The Taste Test: this is the only reason I eat at restaurant. Taste is good. Price was exceptionally low for location. But that is the problem. To keep the price low, they made slices are so so thin that you loose the taste. You think you could order 2 or 1 1/2 , but i do not think you will get the taste. But i will still eat there next time i am in Ankara.
Ahmet Gundes on Google

Dissapointing. Their specialty İskender Kebap was rubbery and not very tasty. İ can get better Döner in the USA. Better have Döner elsewhere in Ankara, look for Yaprak Döneri. They also charged separately for each item in the salad, yes they charged for lettuce, Arugula, ... separately. We asked for green salad and each salad ingredient was charged. And the salad didn't have any taste. Besides, it has a great location, very clean and old-world restaurant. We only ate İskender.

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