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Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi Vakıf Caddesi Şentürk Sokak, Sahil Şeridi No:2, 54600 Sapanca/Sakarya, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +987
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City : Sapanca/Sakarya

Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi Vakıf Caddesi Şentürk Sokak, Sahil Şeridi No:2, 54600 Sapanca/Sakarya, Turkey
Dima Katbi on Google

It wins for the best location with a view in that area. As it is directly above the lake. But it is over priced. The food is good but not wow compared to the price. Appetizers werent so good.
Ali Alamur on Google

Worst place ever... They kicked us out just because we are arab. They were so rude to us. We didn't do anything wrong at all
Anfal Al on Google

Staff are super friendly...can go there for drinks or food...coffee and tea were good
Khalid Alsulaiti on Google

The view was nice only that. The food is normal but expensive and the menu has many unavailable items. The service was extremely slow because 5 waiters couldn’t manage 6 tables. You can give this place a try if you like feeding the fish in the lake some bread and take some photos just ask for the cafe menu for something to drink.
Mohammed Ayoub on Google

The grilled snapper was absolutely amazing. The service was good and we sat right next to the water. I Recommend!
Юлія Хомич on Google

Very nice place to sit outside and watch the sea. Interesting way of choosing fish, never seen anything like that before. And the fish itself was real good and big. I couldn't finish it all)
Rowaid Atto on Google

Food was just ok, wasn’t testy at all. Ordered 1 plate of 3 small fishes and 1 plate of hamsi fishes and thats it.(no alcohol no salad no appetizers ) They charged 330 tl which is more than double price of other restaurants. Its super expensive comparing the food taste and service. I don’t recommend it. Search for better options.
Rachel Tosun on Google

Food was ok but disappointing in its price - 1500 tl for 2 fish (The fish had no price listed), 4 glasses of wine, 3 burgers for kids and some appetizers. The fish were huge so we shared it, they had a kids menu, but nothing there for kids so they ordered burgers from the place next door, we ordered walnut salads and they were out of walnuts so they served us a different salad, simple bread and unimpressive presentation … was it worth the location? I don’t think so as there are many restaurants to choose from.

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