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2494/3. Sk. No:13, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 06810
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

2494/3. Sk. No:13, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
mo hd on Google

Nice and cosy
Umut Berk Bilgiç on Google

Asked for filter coffee, got Turkish coffee in a French press. 10/10 would never go again. At least the waiters were friendly...
Aleksandra Yanilmaz on Google

Our favourite cafe☕☕????
Onur on Google

We asked for 3 deserts and the order didn’t arrive for 20 minutes. Note that these deserts were preprepared deserts that we picked from the fridge earlier. So all they have to do is to pick them up from the fridge and put it on our table, a 5 meter journey.
Kate Ozel on Google

Know this pastry trademark for years (Farabi and Cayyolu branches mostly) but within last year had really bad experience so decided not to order anything else from Liva. The first story was getting soggy birthday cake last year. Obviously it was not a same day production! Not a special cake, just usual Forrest Berries from Liva menu list, ordered 2-3 days prior to insure the correct delivery. We decided that maybe it was because of the morning order (requested for 10am delivery). Though later checked with the store - the insured us EVERYTHING is the same day production! Anyway... last thing happened last week and again with the birthday cake ordered 2 days prior for 3pm (!!! this time) delivery. Again ordinary product from the menu list (again Forrest Berries!). Was delivered on time. In the evening opened for the celebration and...!!!! it was totally different cake! Huge sponge and tons of ugly cream! No forrest berries, just strawberries. The celebration had to keep on so just cut the slices. Later we called the Cayyolu branch. I wish we hadn't do it. Almost an hour was wasted on the phone - no apology or any attempt to find a solution to satisfy the unhappy customer. All the time the lady on the phone was repeating that "you didn't specify the Forrest Berries cake". Nobody could understand how someone can specify the menu item you serve for years?! We were expecting just STANDARD item! Long story - we are not the customers of Liva any more and actually only because of horrible "customer service" - they just don't have it!
Ian Harrington on Google

Food presentation, taste and service good. Stopped for breakfast.
Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia on Google

It is not bad. Used to have better salads before the pandemic: the quality might have changed a bit.
Mehmet Değer on Google

Sebastian cake was good for person who try it for the first time

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