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54050 Serdivan/Sakarya, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +977
Website : http://1453osmanli.com/en/1453-osmanli-sakarya-serdivan-subemiz-acildi/
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City : Serdivan/Sakarya

54050 Serdivan/Sakarya, Turkey
Saeed Al Dobas on Google

One of the best restaurants in Sakarya, please try their cheese burger and green salat. Highly recommended
abbdljabbar albehigi on Google

Staff is nice, food is good, shisha is good, and nice place to spend some evenings with friends
Mert Guven on Google

I loved the place it was nice the staff were friendly, food was just fresh. Seats were good the place and toilets were good too there were portable chargers and wifi wasent bad either. Overall good place :)
Sinan Nurdogan on Google

It's a cafe with a theme around Ottoman Empire's conquest of Istanbul in 1453, hence the name. The food options are listed in according to theme so you can see some "local" or rather traditional Ottoman food or "foreign" food options such as fries and steak etc. Even some of the servers are wearing traditional clothes like vests and caps which makes it a little more convincing. They have a big selection of everything and it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the options but if you're a tourist I think you should just get a local dish/dessert. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because we were initially seated in the back with the condition to be moved away from the traffic of the people, but the servers kept giving priority to others over us. (4 yıldız vermemin sebebi ilk girdiğimizde önde yer yoktu ve arkaya nargilenin oraya geçtik. Yer boşalınca öne alicaz size denmesine ragmen başka gelenlere öncelik verildi.)
Al Hab on Google

i really had high hopes to try their menu items, so as soon as i saw it I went to it right away, the staff was very friendly, but definitely doesn't know what they have and not have on the menu, ordered juice from the menu, girl came back 5 min later apologizing that it was not available, so I ordered another drink from the menu again, didn't come like the pictures but that's ok, I ordered next a Saint Sébastien cheesecake...... the manager took my order and also came back after 5 min apologizing again that it was not available, I ended up ordering this other drink, they came again with the wrong orde...sigh.....never again
Daniel Rosner on Google

Basically the only reason to come here is for the free childcare service. You can leave your children upstairs in the playroom while you have your meal. Unfortunately we have been two times and have encountered the same problems each time: 1. Service - although the waiters are polite, they are very slow and rarely look after your table. The last time, it was like a mirror was in front of our table and the waiter never saw us. Disappointing! 2. Image is first, quality is second. Everything at this restaurant has a great image: the facade, the seating, the menus... but when you compare what you pay for with what you get, the quality is lacking. We ordered an Oreo Shake tonight because the menu said it had real Oreo ice cream from Algida, but it did not. 3. Smoke - unfortunately the owners really tried to save money by putting sliding windows between the smoking and non-smoking sections. This means that even after sitting in the non-smoking section, you leave smelling like smoke. There should be a better system in place to prevent this.
GoKHaN DuRMaZ on Google

Very friendly staff and bright environment. Food menu is shockingly wide and deep so you may need some help from very friendly staff to help your decision. Your kids can play at dedicated kids playground while you are having a nice meal with your loved ones. Facilities are better/cleaner than most of the places around Serdivan. Strongly recommended for a enjoyable family night out.
Firas Beano on Google

The place might be very good for hookah smokers, but very bad for families with kids, or non smokers, because it's full of smoke. The prices are high and the quality of food is average, our order came late and wrong, then they changed it to get the right order which took more time, while we were eating we ordered some drinks, which didn't come, so we ordered these from another garson and he brought them in a minute, I ordered a dish which included a special type of bread with it, but when they served it there was no bread included, so I had to ask for it separately

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