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Hayatımdaki en ilginç yemek deneyimlerimden birini yaşadım burada. Diğer restoranlardan çok farklı, aslında hepsinde olması gereken ama hiçbirinde olmayan özellikler var burada.
Birincisi burda önce müşterinin gözünü doyuruyorlar şöyle ki masaya meze olarak gelen tabak sayısı ekmek dahil 10 idi. (Yazıyla on)
İkincisi işletmenin masada boş tabak görmek istememe gibi ilginç bir özelliği var. Örneğin mezeler den biri bitmeye doğru olunca (dikkat bitmeden) bir garson fark ediyor ve anında bir tabak üstüne boşaltmak suretiyle ekliyor. Ben dur demeye kalmadan gelen son iki takviyeden sonra iki garsonu artık birşey getirmeyin diye uyarmak zorunda kaldım.

- Yasir Dalbay

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Ziyabey Cd. NO:38, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Phone : 📞 +98
Postal code : 06520
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City : Çankaya/Ankara

Ziyabey Cd. NO:38, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Anas AlAli on Google

If you are looking for different experience, you got it .. Mersinli Cigerci Apo is the place where you gonna try the most fresh grilled liver and meat chops in your life along with fresh Salad, different plates of onion ( grilled, steamed, with summaq, fried), fresh bread and the meat will come directly to your plate.. They serve the full amount over 2 times .. Prices are 35TL per person (6$) and they are quite fast.
Mustafa almoghrabi on Google

It was a great experience. The ambiance was warm and welcoming. Amazing food and service. Really recommend it.
Al Right on Google

Very attentive and friendly service service, food is delicious, plenty of variety brought to the table straight away, should try their signature dish, the skewered liver, you can also try other meat varieties if you are not a fan of the liver, but recommend. It is a bit pricey though.
Ramzan S. Jan on Google

Really good food. Fresh and very tasty, i tried the mixed sisk and the salad was abondon
Viktoriia Bohatyr on Google

Our friend showed this awesome place! I really liked all dish especially cigerci! Lamb Liver was melting! And Lamb meat itself was marvelous! Thank to chefs and the owner of it!
Cagatay Gumus on Google

I give here 5 stars because of sish kebab and the side dishes. Liver and Adana kebabs good on the other hand. Ankara Ciğerci Apo is almost as good as original Mersin Ciğerci Apo which I've tried many years ago. Go there with empty stomach, you won't be disappointed. Edit: After more than 2 years I tried this place again, I must say Adana kebab was too salty and sinewy.
Arick Bakken on Google

As an American, I must say, this is an incredible experience in Ankara. Food comes down fast and furious. Other guests are talking and laughing and eating. The smell of grilled meat is in the air. All your sides and salads are immediately plated on the table. Bread too. You order your grilled meat type and in short order, a nice young man will bring you giant hot skewers of delicious protein. Combine anything you want (including the fantastic grilled garlic) onto a couple pieces of very thin bread. And then roll it up like a mini burrito. Careful, as you near finishing a side, more will come to replace it. You can politely say no - use Turkish, almost no one speaks English. We had 1 young man who helped us all the way through because he was the only one with English. He was fantastic and made our evening go so smooth and made us feel welcome in the restaurant. You will leave stuffed. Unfortunately, there will be a fair amount of food waste. You pay for drinks and meats, tip the staff and are on your way. Superb experience for visitors to Turkey. 5 stars all the way!
MMazin Chalb Cham on Google

Want to eat kebab and grilled chicken and meat in Ankara? This is definitely the place to go to. I have visited a couple other restaurants similar to this one. However, this is by far the best place that offers such meals with cheap prices. They offer as far as I know 3 different meals kebab, which tastes amazing, grilled meat and grilled chicken. You will pay around 40 TL but this includes free tea and appetizers. They don't have a menu since they only offer a few meals. Also, service speed is super fast.

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