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Contact Dubazade Restaurant

Address :

Adnan Menderes Cd., 54100 Adapazarı/Sakarya, Turkey

Website : https://restaurantguru.com/Dubazade-Sakarya
Categories :
City : Adapazarı/Sakarya

Adnan Menderes Cd., 54100 Adapazarı/Sakarya, Turkey

fiyatlar fahiş, garsonlar ilgisiz
prices are exorbitant, waiters uninterested
Timur Cherkes on Google

Harika bir mekan ilgi alaka süper. Tavsiye ederim...
Great place, interest and relevance are super. I advise...
Abdullah Ertogral on Google

hizmet ve çalışanların kalitesi çok iyi, fiyatlar zaten bulunabilecek en ucuzu
service and quality of work is very good, prices are already the cheapest can be found
Kurtulus Yavuz on Google

Soğuk bira çerez yemek , garsonlar ilgili, gidilir arkadaşlar la yenir içilir, fiyatlar uygun
Cold beer, snacks, waiters are involved, go and eat with friends, prices are affordable
tuko montana on Google

Güzel yer. Hesaplı.
Beautiful place. Calculated.
Ertuğrul Ada Tercan on Google

Tomohiro Tom on Google

Alcohol is available here
Huthaifa Awwad on Google

Good food

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