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ART GİYİM produce the designs of the customers in line with their expectations of timing, quality and quantity, by using local and global supply (re)sources. In line with the market expectations the proactive design team of ART GİYİM not only supports customers by new ideas on fabric, trims and stitching details but also creates capsule collections on a consistent schedule in order to feed customers with trend directions.

At ART GİYİM a whole Product Development Unit is devoted to the development of new styles. It has fully computerized technology and a talented communicative team. The sample room has the capacity to produce 15 pattems and 60 samples a day. There is also a flexible line to produce commercial or salesman samples additionally.

ART GİYİM has a separate Fabric and Accessories Development Team searching for new and better alternatives to offer more options to its customer. Together with product and accessories developments, the organization improves its production capabilities according to the market expectations and evaluations of the customers.

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54590 Sakarya 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi/Arifiye/Sakarya, Turkey

Postal code : 54590
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54590 Sakarya 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi/Arifiye/Sakarya, Turkey
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